Egon Eiermann SE 68 von Wilde & Spieth


Egon Eiermann


Wilde & Spieth



Size in centimeter

h: 79,5 w: 47 seat height: 46

Product number



295,00 €

The Chairs of the famous German architect Egon Eiermann not only impress with their great design, they also have a perfect ergonomic. There is hardly any chair to find with more comfort than the chair SE 68.

Our Egon Eiermann chairs are all originals. Manufactured by Wilde&Spieth in the 70s.
The SE 68 chairs are the older generation, non-stackable but with a much nicer shape.
The Chair you see is covered with high quality leather, made by a local upholstery.
There are more chairs available in this colour.
On request you can also choose your own material and favourite colour.